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Date: Sunday, June 14 @ 12:37:41 UTC
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Like many people, I have found myself with an abundance of time on my hands due to the pandemic and lockdown.  I have used this time to write puzzles for what I believe is going to be the longest-running contest I've ever had at HTPO.  My plan is start a new Weekly Contest, which will be posted in the forum every Monday evening at 8.00pm GMT starting on Monday 22nd June.  I have already written 8 weeks worth of puzzles which I believe gives me a good head-start on the rest of the contest - so while you're solving, I'll be writing more!  (I did consider running it on the main contest pages but not only would I not have been able to have a leaderboard as such, but the answer entry system would not allow for possible alternative answers and explanations.  My plan is for the puzzles to be set in 8-week rounds as follows:

Round 1: 22nd June - 10th August
Round 2: 17th August - 5th October
Round 3: 12th October - 30th November
then there will be a 4-week break for me to concentrate on the Christmas contest with the contest restarting:
Round 4: 4th January - 22nd February
Round 5: 1st March - 19th April
Round 5: 26th April - 14th June

So ... there you have it - a nice, new shiny Weekly Contest for you all.  I have incorporated some of the old favourites and also introduced some new types of puzzles.  These can be adapted as the weeks go on depending on which ones are popular or not.

See you there 

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