Trivia Survivor - New forum game starting 9th October
Date: Monday, October 02 @ 13:29:25 UTC
Topic: Forums

I'm pleased to announce that VoyagerKing will be running a new forum-based game at HTPO starting on Monday 9th October. It’s called Trivia Survivor.

The game will combine trivia and puzzles in a competitive format, that I hope you will find fun and amusing. It seems that a lot of games today run in such a way, that players are eliminated, and the winner is the last one left playing. Trivia Survivor will run that way.

There will be a wide range of question categories and types, to keep the game interesting, and hopefully, to offer a little of something for everyone. Some questions will be easy, while others will prove more difficult. Hopefully, they all will be fun!

For the full rules and game play description, please see post in the Announcement section of the forum here

Well that’s it! I hope to see you in a game of Trivia Survivor soon!

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