Stevie Saint


Ant Thrax


Angel Amorphosis

Synths, Programming


Into the Ether are an electronic rock trio from London. The band was formed in 2013 with Stevie Saint as vocalist, Angel Amorphosis on synths and Ant Thrax on guitar. Shortly after, they were joined by James Dark on bass. With this lineup they recorded their debut album, 'Electric Eden' and released it in 2014.
In 2015, Sky Sharma joined the band as drummer, and together they recorded an EP, 'Across Divides' which is yet to be officially released.
Sadly, Sky passed away later that year, and the band subsequently fell apart as James and Ant left.
With only Angel and Stevie remaining, Aria Trippyface joined on synths while Angel took over as guitarist for a tribute performance for Sky. The band enjoyed working with Aria so much that they invited her to join as a permanent member!